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Stunt Island - PC


Stunt Island was the game that inspired me for programming the game conditions interface in 3D Interactive World, the final thesis project of the Computer Science Engineer Degree at the Barcelona University (UB).
Published by Disney Interactive in 1992.


Game Summary

Stunt Island is a video game designed by Adrian Stephens and Ronald J. Fortier and was published by Disney Interactive in 1992. The game, marketed as "The Stunt Flying and Filming Simulation", provides an island which contains a number of different sets, such as a city, an oil rig, a canyon, and an aircraft carrier. The player can position cameras and props around these sets, and create event triggers for things like camera pans and object movement. The game also has an editing mode where the player can splice together taped footage and insert sound effects. The game has a bias towards airplane stunts (the basic game engine is a flight simulator).


The game engine for Stunt Island was co-developed by The Assembly Line. It is capable of rendering several hundreds of simple 3D objects on a 386-33 with a minimum of two megabytes of RAM, and utilizes Gouraud shading for the airplanes. It was considered a remarkable technical achievement at its time. The graphics of the game are rendered in 256 colors at 320x200 resolution.



The game handbook with all the aircrafts specifications.



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