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Lords of Football - PC / X360 / PS3


Lords of Football is the last professional project in which I have been working. It is a cross-platform title to be released for PC, X360 and PS3.
Developed using VS C++ 9.0, DX, OpenGL, SpeedTree, Scaleform and Gamebryo.

Date and Technology

The game has been published the 5th April of 2013 and I have been working using the next tools and technology:



Programmer Tasks

  • Core Programmer for PC / X360 / PS3
  • Gamebryo Animation System Wrapper for adding animation sounds and creating the game match replay
  • SpeedTree/SpeedGrass 5.2 and Scaleform integration within our Gamebryo rendering system
  • Audio Engine using FMOD Designer and FMOD Ex
  • I have also done some tasks in order to improve and maintain the Gamebryo Scene Designer
  • VS 9.0 C++, Gamebryo Scene Designer, SpeedTree Modeller, FMOD Designer, Adobe Flash CS5, Mantis, XML, AS2.0, Tortoise SVN

Project Summary

In Lords of Football you take on the role of first team manager in a strategic game of exploration, creativity and balancing human resources. For the first time ever the gameplay sees you manage footballers in every aspect of their lives from time out socializing at the pub to team tactics and on-pitch performance.


Played in first person ‘God’ mode, gameplay includes the day-to-day planning and maintaining of the club's training sessions. You also manage the psychological aspects of each individual footballer nurturing a more realistic relationship that comes with being a professional football manager. The advanced AI system delivers lifelike character types and face-to-face dialogue with your players. These exchanges can take place throughout the 3D world and during matches.


Lords of football offers revolutionized gameplay and customization tools to simulate life on and off the pitch. You can lead a team of footballers and live the dream with true-to-life football personalities who demand training, leadership and recreational entertainment to keep them motivated.


You must create tactical strategies, keep press and supporters satisfied, track each footballer’s lifestyle habits, deal with the chairman's transfer market issues and much more. Lords of Football will demonstrate what effectively happens during the life of a club with all of the people involved.


SpeedTree 5.2 integration into Gamebryo.


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