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Pacman in Python - PC


Pacman in Python was a programming test in which I tried to make an exact copy of the original Pacman game.
Developed using Python.


Pacman in Python (2.61MB)



Date and Technology

This project was developed since September 12, 2007 to September 16, 2007 using the next tools and technology:



Project Summary

Pacman in Python is a 3 days programming test done for a company in which a Pacman game had to be programmed using only Python scripting language. Then I decided to create a Pacman game the most similar possible to the original one.


It was necessary then to create 4 different AI behaviors (one for each color ghost), and each ghost had its own 2 states for chasing the player or simply patrol the corresponding area. Other constraints were important for the ghosts: they cannot go up for all the paths into the map and they run slower when trying to go through the path in the middle of the map. But for each level the player accomplishes they are faster and more intelligent.


An A* algorithm was necessary for finding the fastest path for the red ghost because it is the only intelligent one. But there is a place in the map, like in the actual Pacman arcade game, where the player can stay without being seen.


Each ghost has a different AI behavior.




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