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Movistar Racing 3 - Mobiles


Movistar Racing 3 is my first professional as game programmer in Microjocs Mobile (Digital Chocolate nowdays).
Developed using Eclipse, J2ME, Ant, XML and Netbeans.


Date and Technology

This game was developed since December 2005 to June 2006 and published by Telefonica-Movistar. It is using the next tools and technology:



Programmer Tasks

  • Junior Programmer for Mobiles.
  • Gameplay, 3D Engine programming, 2D vector graphics engine for fast racing games, game flow, FX Effects, AI, Java and i-Mode game porting and Tools.
  • It was necessary to create a complete racing design tool for creating circuits with multiple quality settings.
  • Eclipse and NetBeans Java, Mascot Capsule V3, JSR184, Mantis, Ant, XML, SVG file importer, Tortoise CVS.

Project Summary

Movistar Racing 3 is a motorcycle videogame, so driving/speed genre, in which the player can challenge into 6 street races in very different world cities. MR3 (called MotoRage initially), is a videogame for mobile devices in which highlights the 2D engine graphics capacity implemented based in vectorial graphics.


The player starts playing with a basic motorcycle and can improve it buying new and better pieces or improving the already adquired components. To earn the money the player must win races and the income quantity depends of the final position in the race: only 3 will have a prize in cash, after that position the player will lose the necessary bet for participating.


The cities in which the player can race are: Tokio, Madrid, Ciudad del Cabo, Barcelona, Sydney and Río de Janeiro. The time attack mode is a great complement to the game as it stores the ghost of the best lap for each circuit. Later, the player can overcome his best lap playing against the ghost.


The editor let the designer to create great circuits with awesome graphics.





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