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Heightmaps Project - PC


Heightmaps project is a graphic demonstration about heighmaps generation, run-time vertices compression and for the creation of realistic grounds for any kind of game.
Developed using VS 9.0 C++ and DX 9.0.


Heightmaps Project (36MB)



Date and Technology

I programmed this project the summer of 2006 and it is using the next tools and technology:



Project Summary

Heightmaps Project shows 3D realistic terrains for any kind of game. It can load heightmaps in the next formats:

  • .TGA (8 bits)
  • .TER (16 bits Terragen files)
  • .R32 (32bits RAW files)

Once the terrain is loaded, the program will calculate his average normal vectors to maintain a realistic physical aspect to lighting effects. Moreover, it is prepared to show the ground compressed or uncompressed, saving unnecessary polygons studying the land morphology. The terrain may be textured or non-textured, and it has a second layer of color that can be changed easily and can be applied according to terrain heights.

My own vertices compression using quadtrees, with a very similar result to ROAM compressions...





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