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Ener-G Horse Riders - Nintendo DS


Ener-G Horse Riders is my first commercial and professional game for Nintendo DS as Senior Programmer in Bit Managers (Virtual Toys Barcelona).
Developed using Codewarrior C++, Nitro-SDK, Nitro-System and NetBeans Java.

Date and Technology

The game was published by Ubisoft on October 2008 and it is using the next tools and technology:



Programmer Tasks

  • Senior Programmer for Nintendo DS.
  • UI, Wi-Fi communications, game flow, 3D engine and gameplay.
  • I created a secure Wi-Fi communications interface for sharing data between DS consoles.
  • I also programmed a complete and useful tool for creating UI. The designers were able then to use it for creating better content in an easier way. It was necessary to understand the Nitro graphics format for retrieving the graphics.
  • Codewarrior C++, Nitro-SDK, Nitro-System, Nitro-Debugger, NetBeans Java, Tortoise SVN, Syncro SVN and XML.

Project Summary

In Ener-G Horse Riders (Imagine Champion Rider / Alexandra Ledermann) take care of your horses & foals and live a great adventure where you’ll discover & tame wild horses.



Game Features:

  • Develop a strong relationship with your own unique horse and choose its personality (shy-sensitive, active-athletic and happy-playful).
  • Take care and nurture your own unique foal then take him to competitions and on a great adventure!
  • Tame & save wild horses.
  • Ride through wide open spaces.
  • Access the interactive guide at any time, making the game easy to access for anyone.
  • Collect cards and share them with your friends via the DS wireless connection.
The improved 3D engine lets the player to play fast races.


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