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Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures - Android / iOS


Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures is a FreeToPlay cross-platform game published by Ubisoft for Android and iOS.
Developed using VS C++ 2013, Android NDK, Xcode Obj-C and OpenGLES 2.0.

Release Dates

The game was published by Ubisoft Barcelona in 2012 for iOS platforms and in 2014 for Android. Using the next technology:



Programmer Tasks

  • Tech Programmer
  • Complete building system from scratch for iOS, Android and Windows. Auto generation of all the necessary projects in XCode, VS2013 and Eclipse/MakeFiles in Android
  • Codebase engine programming: cross-platform native code for all mobile platforms
  • VS 2013, XCode, Assimp, Freetype, Tortoise SVN

Project Summary


The funniest massively multiplayer online space strategy game on smartphones and tablets!


Game features:

  • Play in an online persistent world with thousands of players.
  • Attack other players in real time battles with more than 14 different types of units.
  • Build and manage your own star colonies.
  • Defend your colonies with 8 different types of defenses.
  • Explore the persistent galaxy for rivals and virgin planets to colonize.
  • Communicate with other players with an in game message system.
  • Find friends and cooperate with them by sharing defenses.
  • Customize your avatar.
  • Craft incredible items for battles and defenses.
  • Stay connected with your star bases with Push Notifications.
  • Compare your score and achievements on Game Center, Google Play Services or Amazon GameCircle.


Invite to your friends for fighting together in an alliance.
Spy and attack online players to be the best in the galaxy.




Ubisoft company

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures Facebook fan page




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