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3D Interactive World - PC


3D Interactive World is the final thesis project of the Computer Science Engineer Degree at the Barcelona University (UB).
Developed using VS 6.0, C, OpenGL and XML.


3D Interactive World (11.3MB)



Date and Technology

This project was developed since September 2004 to February 2005 using the next tools and technology:



Project Summary

3D Interactive World presents to the user a complete 3D scene editor including some functionality for attaching different behaviors to the scene objects. The final idea is to have a 3D game editor in which you can create your own games. The most similar to that project could be 3D Construction Kit adding the way to edit the behaviors from the Stunt Island game.


The development process of the project was 3 months with 1 more month for writing the documentation. Although it could be a pity that the documentation is in Spanish, I would recommend making a look to it for understanding and checking all the analysis stages that a programming project could need.


The project has succeeded the maximum score possible with a court formed by graphics and mathematics doctors.

The behaviour editor would remember to the Stunt Island one.


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