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King's Valley 2 - MSX


King's Valley II: The Seal of El Giza is a computer game for the MSX platform by Konami. It is a sequel to the popular puzzle/action game King's Valley.


Game Summary

King's Valley 2 was released both for the MSX1 and MSX2 systems. The MSX2 version only saw a release in Japan. The same goes for a very rare "contest" version. The contest was about making levels with the games' built-in level editor, held by the Japanese MSX-Fan magazine. The winners of this contest received the cartridge. As for normal level-editing, custom levels can be saved to either a disk or tape, and the levels are interchangeable between both the MSX1 and MSX2 versions. For the regular game, a quite ingenious password system is used, that allows for a lot of combinations. Some managed to find a pattern in this system, and once you find that out it's fairly easy to create passwords to go to any stage in the game.


The game consists of six pyramids each with its own wall engravings and color pattern; every pyramid contains 10 levels. The idea of the game is to collect crystals called soul stones in each level by solving the different puzzles and evading or killing the enemies using the many tools and weapons available to unlock the exit door that will take you to the next level.




The level editor made this game the most addictive ever seen.




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