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Sudoku & Kakuro Game Series - Android


Sudoku Game Series is my first Android game for the Android Market >= 1.5.
Developed using Eclipse and Android.


Kakuro Game Series is my second Android game for the Android Market >= 1.5.
Developed using Eclipse and Android.


Date and Technology

Sudoku Game Series is in Android Market since October, 9 2009 and Kakuro Game Series since October, 14 2009. They are using the next tools and technology:



Programmer Tasks

  • Android Programmer and Artist.
  • Complete 2D Engine, gameplay and gameflow, music composition and graphics.
  • I needed to create some tools for Android like font generators and data packers for improving data security.
  • NDK programming for supporting Box2D physics library.
  • Android 2.2, NDK, Box2D, Eclipse Java and Tortoise SVN.

Project Summary

Sudoku & Kakuro Game Series present two high quality games for Android devices. They have two game modes:

    • Challenge mode : you must overcome 50 Sudokus or Kakuros of up to 5 difficulty levels. If you are able to do this, the game will unlock for you new Sudokus or Kakuros and features.

  • Practice mode : with a complete Sudoku and Kakuro generator, the games are able to generate any kind of Sudoku or Kakuro in only a moment. You can generate and play the Sudoku or Kakuro you want and always different.

The games include a complete tutorial for those people who never have played these games before, and support up to 4 languages: Spanish, Catalonian, French and English.

The generators let the player to play different tables every day!



Casual Game Series




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