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Deferred shading engine - PC


Deferred Shading Engine is a rendering engine for creating games with enhanced graphics in a very easy way.
Developed using VS C++ 9.0, DX9 and MaxScript.

Date and Technology

The engine is still in development and I like to spend some spare time on it when is possible. It is using the next tools and technology:



Project Summary

Deferred Shading Engine is a complete rendering engine with multiple 2D and 3D functionalities. It includes a complete Max Exporter for models and scenes and let the programmer to use several post-processing effects without compromising the performance.


The main engine characteristics are:

  • Multi-threaded environment. Dynamic content loading and destruction of scenes, models and textures.
  • G-Buffer Information (3 RTs, 32bits each one)
  • Stencil Culling Light Volumes. Direct, Point and Spot model lights implemented.
  • Normal and displacement mapping implemented.
  • Multi Sampling Anti-Aliasing (MSAA)
  • High Dynamic Range natural effects (HDR)
  • Materials with: diffuse, specular color, normalmap, heightmap, opacity, lightmap and glowmap.
  • Data packing for scenes, models and textures.


G-Buffer information distribution.
The different Render Targets and SSAO result.


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