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Artificial Intelligence Test - PC


Artificial Intelligence Test is a small programming test where two sides controlled by the computer will try to conquer the flag position defended by the opposing side.
Developed using VS 6.0, C and OpenGL.




Date and Technology

This project was developed since March 2005 to April 2005 using the next tools and technology:



Project Summary

Artificial Intelligence is an AI programming test done for a company several years ago. The objective was to confront two sides for conquering the flag of the opposite side.


The test presents a randomly generated node table with 1-4 random paths each node, where each of the sides is positioned in a table corner. In order to get the rival flag, each side will move by turns, using an A* pathfinding algorithm, all the "soldiers" for finding the shortest path to the destination. The only rule was the killing constraint: only the RED soldiers can kill GREEN ones, only GREEN soldiers can kill BLUE ones and only BLUE soldiers can kill RED ones.


In this way, each colored soldier will search the correct path to the flag trying to avoid the rival soldiers whose could kill him and trying to attack the colored soldiers he can kill.

The A* pathfinding algorithm was necessary to accomplish the test.


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