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Planet Rescue: Animal Emergency - Nintendo DS


Planet Rescue: Animal Emergency is my second commercial and professional game for Nintendo DS as Senior Programmer in Bit Managers (Virtual Toys Barcelona).
Developed using Codewarrior C++, Nitro-SDK, Nitro-System and NetBeans Java.

Date and Technology

The game was published by Ubisoft on November 2008 and it is using the next tools and technology:



Programmer Tasks

  • Senior Programmer for Nintendo DS.
  • UI, Wi-Fi communications, game flow, 3D engine and gameplay.
  • I created a secure Wi-Fi communications interface for sharing data between DS consoles.
  • I also programmed a complete and useful tool for creating UI. The designers were able then to use it for creating better content in an easier way. It was necessary to understand the Nitro graphics format for retrieving the graphics.
  • Codewarrior C++, Nitro-SDK, Nitro-System, Nitro-Debugger, NetBeans Java, Tortoise SVN, Syncro SVN and XML.

Project Summary

As a young vet, you’re opening your animal clinic. You take care of your neighbours’ domestic pets and also of exotic baby animals which was your specialization during your studies.



Diagnose, cure, keep in observation and heal the animals to gain your clients’ confidence and respect. Live a great adventure to discover what could drive all animals to become sick. Investigate to find out if the town factory could be polluting the rivers and thus is responsible for the animals' diseases. Real challenges are waiting you. Become a great vet and you may be able to join the most prestigious NGO at the end!

  • Treat more than 12 animals, both adult and baby, domestic, from the farm and exotic.
  • Your ultimate goal: save & heal endangered animals…
  • Take care of your own cute baby tiger (feed it, wash it) and build a strong relationship with it!
  • Follow the real vet process: diagnose & cure, keep in observation in the pens only if needed or give advices to your clients.
  • Buy specific outfits to cure specific animals.
  • Collect cards which give information, hints and tips on animals, characters, vet equipments… and use the wireless connection to exchange them with your friends!
  • Manage your own clinic, increase your reputation and interact with your clients.
The UI tool let the designer to create nice interfaces...




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