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XNA Engine - PC / X360


XNA Engine is an engine for creating games with enhanced graphics in a very easy way for X360 and PC.
Developed using VS C# 9.0, XNA Api and MaxScript.

Date and Technology

The engine was ready to use on November 2009. It is using the next tools and technology:



Project Summary

XNA Engine is a port to C# and XNA API of the graphics engine from the Fear No More project and adding some new features. It is a complete graphics engine with several additional features making possible and easy to create a game for PC and X360 using the XNA technology. The code itself is absolutely compatible between PC and X360, taking into account the peculiar constraints of the console, and it is optimized in order to get the best frame rate in X360.


The main engine characteristics are:

  • Full HD resolution (720p) ready.
  • 3D MAX Studio 8 Model and Scenes Exporter/XNA Importer
  • Dynamic loading of scenes, models and textures.
  • Normal and displacement mapping implemented.
  • Graphics engine based on Shaders: materials with multiple maps (diffuse, lightmap, noise, normal, specular, emissive and environment).
  • Postprocessing effects (bloom, blur, tone mapping, etc.)
  • Custom Fonts and complete 2D graphics library.
  • Input from keyboard, mouse and X360 joystick.
  • 3D surround sound engine.
The first project I wanted to do with this engine was a Mahjongg for XBOX Indie Games.
Some post-processing effects samples.


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