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I am a Generalist and Engine programmer focused on rendering techniques with more than 8 years experience in games industry. I have worked with many different platforms: since mobile to portable consoles and actual console generation or PC. I also exhibit excellent verbal and written communication skills, a high level of understanding towards game technology production and an adaptability to meet the needs of multiple projects utilizing common technology.


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Academic Degrees

Technical Skills

    • Analysis and Design
      UML (Rational Rose, MagicDraw UML, Omondo UML)
      Control version tools (SVN, Git)
      Object oriented analysis, design and programming (OOA, OOD, OOP)
      Used to Agile environment, daily Scrum meetings
    • Code languages and environments
      VS .NET | Unity3D | Eclipse | NetBeans | CodeWarrior
      C | C++ | C# | HLSL | GLSL | Java JSE/JEE/J2ME
      LUA | Python | Perl | Ruby
      3D MaxScript | XML | Json
    • Render Programming
      Render engines ( Deferred / Forward ) | Scene management
      Models and scenes exporter/importer | UI
      HLSL effects | HDR effects
    • Gameplay Programming
      Logic events | Camera programming | Player control
      Collision detection and solving | Game logic
      Physics | AI
    • Tools Programming
      3D Max scripts and plugins | Game data packers
      Custom fonts generators | Game engine
    • 3D and 2D design
      3D Studio MAX | Adobe Photoshop CS2 | Paint Shop Pro
    • Sound edition
      Propellerhead Reason 8.0 | Adobe Audition
  • Education complements
    “Graphic Software” university subject ( 2004 - 2005 ).
    “Team working and Project Management” ( 2004 - 2005 ).
    Dec, 2005: I made a conference at Barcelona University about mobile game programming.


  • English : fluent spoken and written.
    Intensive course in the Callan School of English ( Feb 2009 - Dec 2009 )
  • Spanish : mother tongue.
  • Catalonian : mother tongue.
  • Italian : basic skills.

Professional Experience

Ubisoft Barcelona

[Dec. 2013 – Present]

  • Expert Tech Programmer

  • Technical Lead in Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians (iOS/Android) game based in Unity3D

  • Complete middleware tech framework with building system for iOS, Android and Windows. Auto generation of all the necessary projects in XCode, VS2013 and Eclipse/MakeFiles in Android. Shared with other projects in the studio

  • Implementation of ARKit/ARCore, chat, custom shaders, memory and performance profiling

  • Complex systems and tools to be used by gameplay programmers or by marketing team: game actions editor, video creator, dynamic game events done with server people, etc

  • Unity3D, VS 2013, XCode, Android Studio, Git flow, JIRA, Kanban, Agile Scrum

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians ( Game web )

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures ( Game web )

Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals

NaturalMotion LTD

[Sep. 2012 – October 2013]

  • Senior Tech Programmer - (Oxford Studio)

  • Codebase engine programming: cross-platform native code for all mobile platforms

  • GLES2.0 shaders programming: graphics engine, shadows and self-shadowing code

  • Specific Android implementations: GLSL optimizer, Facebook, Twitter, Marketing APIs, etc

  • VS 2010, VS_Android, XCode, FMOD, Tortoise SVN, JIRA, Kanban, Agile Scrum

CSR Racing ( Game web )

Clumsy Ninja ( Game web )

Geniaware srl

[Nov. 2010 – Nov. 2011]

  • Core Programmer for PC / X360 / PS3

  • Gamebryo Animation System Wrapper for adding animation sounds and creating the game match replay

  • SpeedTree/SpeedGrass 5.2 and Scaleform integration within our Gamebryo rendering system

  • Audio Engine using FMOD Designer and FMOD Ex

  • I have also done some tasks in order to improve and maintain the Gamebryo Scene Designer

  • VS 9.0 C++, Gamebryo Scene Designer, SpeedTree Modeller, FMOD Designer, Adobe Flash CS5, Mantis, XML, AS2.0, Tortoise SVN

Lords of Football


[August 2009 – Present]

  • Android Programmer and Artist

  • I have published three games for the Android Market.

  • Complete 2D Engine, gameplay and gameflow, music composition and graphics.

  • NDK programming for supporting Box2D physics library.

  • Android 2.2, NDK, Box2D, Eclipse Java and Tortoise SVN.

Galaxy Breakout ( August 2010 )

Sudoku & Kakuro Game Series ( October 2009 )

Virtual Toys BCN

[February 2008 – July 2009]

  • Senior Programmer for Nintendo DS

  • UI, Wi-Fi communications, game flow, 3D engine and gameplay in two Ubisoft Nintendo DS games.

  • I created a secure Wi-Fi communications interface for sharing data between DS consoles.

  • Codewarrior C++, Nitro-SDK, Nitro-System, Nitro-Debugger, NetBeans Java, Tortoise SVN, Syncro SVN and XML.

Planet Rescue : Animal Emergency ( Ubisoft November 2008 )

Ener-G Horse Riders ( Ubisoft October 2008 )

Digital Chocolate

[June 2005 – June 2006]

  • Junior Programmer for Mobiles

  • Eclipse and NetBeans Java, Mascot Capsule V3, JSR184, Mantis, Ant, XML, SVG file importer, Tortoise CVS.

Movistar Racing 3 ( Telefonica-Movistar 2006 )

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